March 3, 2007

New Fiction:

  • Care and Feeding - When an injured Dean shows up at Stanford, Sam has to take care of him.
    [Supernatural - Eponin]
  • A Second Chance - Lottie revives Pawn.
    [Mutants & Masterminds - EbonySun]
  • Class is in Session - Lottie faces school from the other side of the fence.
    [Mutants & Masterminds - EbonySun]

Hell Quarterly's publication schedule for the rest of the year is now online.
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February 16, 2007

New Fiction:

New Site Member!

Welcome scarlett_o to the site!  Visit her section for graphics and artwork (including tutorials!), and Supernatural, Sports Night and Popslash fan fiction.

New Site Member!

Hell Quarterly - a quarterly Supernatural 'zine.

Site Overhaul - January 2007

There have been several new sections added to the site:

>> Two new authors hosted here, JennyDevil and EbonySun.  JennyDevil, who writes Anita Blake fan fiction, and EbonySun, who writes original stories and some drabbles based off the Mutant and Mastermind's Role Playing Game.

>> My fan fiction pages have been reorganized, with a few new pages added.  I'm currently writing in the Supernatural and SGA/SG-1 fandoms.  My old Sentinel and Magnificent 7 pages are still up, but reorganized a bit.  I am writing a Buffy AU series, with original characters in collaboration with EbonySun, and all my Buffy stories plus the AU are on the Buffy page.  The Bite Sized fiction page holds short drabbles in fandoms where I've only written one or two stories - not enough for them to have their own pages.

>> My original fiction pages are organized by type: poetry, short stories and writing articles.

Not everything is active yet. If you find a link that doesn't work, please contact me, or check back later. I'm still getting all the pages settled and uploaded. Thanks!

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