When you don't need to go to hell quite as often.


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Hell Quarterly is a Supernatural ‘zine that comes out four times a year. Every issue of the ‘zine will contain new, never published fic and art. It will be available for download at the community as a .pdf file, ready to read, print and save.

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  Submission Guidelines

Guidelines for submitting fiction and  artwork are here.

Submissions are due on February 28, 2007 and final decisions will be made by the editors on March 7th. The zine will be published on March 31st. Please post in the HQ community (for fic: here and for art: here) to let us know if you plan to submit.

  About the Moderators

Lynne, scarlett_o and Eponin, eponin10 are the current moderators and editors. We'd like to thank Mel, unamaga and Sofie, chickypooh for their contributions as former moderators and editors.

  Our Disclaimer

These characters belong to Supernatural’s creator, Eric Kripke, and the CW television company. We do not intend to profit from this ‘zine, nor do we intend any copyright infringement. The creators of this ‘zine do not take credit for any of the fiction contained within it. Any original characters or plots are owned each individual author.

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