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Some of the fiction in these pages are based on characters from television, film or book series.  I lay no claim of ownership over anything other than the original stories and poetry contained here and am not seeking, or getting, any monetary compensation for writing these.  Its all in fun, folks.

Please do not archive or reproduce any of my stories or poetry without asking permission first.  Likewise, please do not use any original characters or write in my universes without asking permission.


January 2, 2007

I'm well aware that I haven't updated in something like two years.  I've recently become active in fandom again (boy have I ever!), and as such, have things to add to the site!  See the updates page for a detailed list of what's new.  I do promise to try to keep up a bit better, but please realize that with a husband and four year old, as well as a full time job, there may be periods where I simply have to let things lapse.  If you want to get all the up-to-date fiction and highlights of what's going on with me, check in at my livejournal.  I update there fairly regularly; at least once a week.

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