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DISCLAIMER: The stories below are slash and contain sexual content that is not appropriate for minors. If you don’t know what slash, RPS or any of the other terminology is, turn off your computer and go hit the mall with your friends.

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LAST SWIM - an Olympic RPS story featuring Michael/Ian. Contains M/M, slight dominance, slight BDSM, anal, oral, rimming, fluff, humor, angst, etc etc. Written between August 30, 2004 and Oct 25, 2004. See the Author’s Notes.

Get Last Swim in MS Word,1.56MB

THE SWEET LIFE – an Olympic RPS story featuring Ian/Michael; the sequel to Last Swim. Began October 28, 2004 completed April 3, 2005.

Get The Sweet Life in one MS Word file, approx 2.8MB and 302k words.

DIPLOMATIC RELATIONS – an Olympic RPS story featuring Pieter/Grant.

Currently four chapters here. Get Diplomatic Relations in MS Word 180kb, approx 29k words.

Future chapters to Diplomatic Relations will be posted at AFF.NET until a significant enough portion is done to update the master word file here. Just a note: some of the postings on AFF for this story are messed up - the files were too large when I updated and AFF's software truncated the chapters. The above word doc is complete and in order.

All Of The Above - the sequel to Last Swim and The Sweet Life has now been posted through Chapter 8 at AFF. The story starts a few months after the 2016 Olympics and will continue through to 2020 (or that's what I have planned anyway.)

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